Really? You don’t look like a climber. I bet you are a good cook though!


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Another CT Probate Advocates Mess

Vicino, Foley, Manzo? - "Politics does make strange bedfellows."

Strange bedfellows - or maybe not? Vicino, Foley and Manzo

What a (Republican) Party this must have been!

Whew! Is it me or is it getting a little hot in here.

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Hartford Business Journal Beat Rick Green to the Punch

The Hartford Business Journal reported today, before Rick Green, that the spat over a West Hartford widow’s fortune was settled.  The staff here at ConfidentialCT is in awe that someone scooped Rick Green on a story over a CT Probate Court matter.  Rick must be getting slow in his old age.  Cheers to the Hartford Business Journal on a job well done!

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Starbucks Frappuccino not available in Trenta

I was dismayed yesterday when I walked into my local Starbucks to order my first Trenta Frappuccino only to find out that Frappuccino’s don’t come in this size, yet. The only menu items I saw that are available as Trenta are iced coffees and iced teas.

Hopefully, this summer, Starbucks will bring the Trenta size to its Frappuccino’s.


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Southington Probate Court is Closed Forever

My friend went to the Southington Probate Court today to obtain a passport application and this is the note he saw posted on the door:

So this is the Southington Cheshire Probate Court that is now closed.Southington Probate Court is Closed FOREVER!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Southington Probate Court is Closed FOREVER?

I get the point of consolidation but why aren’t there office hours at the Southington Court? One day there is a court and the next day it’s gone – I don’t get it. Shouldn’t the court’s main office be located in the town with the most residents anyway? This doesn’t have anything to do with the new judge, Matt Jalowiec, living in Cheshire does it?

Dan Malloy, would you please appoint someone to straighten out the CT Probate Court system?

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It’s the Dawn of a New Day

ConfidentialCT is in the house bringing you the latest BS on the BSers.
Look for us at the Frank Maratta Auto Show or at a political rally near you!

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